Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit




            This Bible Study will either prove to be one of the most rewarding or one of the most challenging studies you may go through. 


            While sitting there reading this study I want you to understand a few things. First of all I like the author of the book this Bible Study is gleaned from, do not believe that women are the only ones influenced by this spirit. I believe that men are influenced just as much as women by this spirit. Men such as Absalom, Korah, and Balaam operated under this spirit.


            When reading this study one must take care to restrain themselves from casting stones at the innocent or anyone who disagrees with them. Also one must be careful not to perceive those with a growing prophetic gift, who are simply immature in church protocol, as having a Jezebel Spirit. During this study I will try and point out the differences between these two spirits, along with some suggested remedies.


            Finally I would hope after reading these studies that you do not come to a conclusion that I am against anointed women in ministry.  That would be the furthest thing from the truth.


            Historically, wherever prophetic voices are being raised up, the enemy will raise up counterfeit voices that mimic the prophetic anointing. That voice is the Jezebel spirit. During the course of these studies we will be focusing on how Jezebel, as a celestial power, influences the actions of individuals. Knowingly or unknowingly, these individuals will hinder and oppose the move of God in this age.


            Like the author of the Book this series is gleaned from it is my hope that the Church will arise out of its complacency and tolerance of this spirit and Gods divine order come to into prominence.


            It is also my prayer that God would raise up individuals marked with humility, wisdom, and discernment to help usher in the glorious Kingdom of our Lord.





Apostasy - abandonment of a previous loyalty. Renunciation of a religious faith.


            It was an age of apostasy. A nation whom God had called to be His own turned against Him. They had exchanged the worship of God for worship of idols of the people they had conquered in Gods name.  The king of Israel was the son of a man who gained his kingship through assignation. His name, Ahab, was to become a synonym for evil.  (1 Kings 16:29 - 22:40)


            Behind the corruption of Ahab’s throne was a woman -- Jezebel. (1Kings 16:31 - 2Kings 9:37). Hoping to expand her power by marrying Ahab, she brought destruction on the Israelites. This destruction came through her fanatical devotion to the false gods -- Baal, the male deity of power and sexuality, and Ashtoreth , the female goddess of fertility, love, and war. Baal and Ashtoreth rituals involved depraved and licentious sexual practices and abominations. The worship of these idols appealed to the bestial and material elements of human nature. The Baal idol resembled the male sexual organ while the altar of to Ashtoreth resembled the female sexual organ. More then 450 prophets of Baal and 400 prophets of Ashtoreth served Jezebel’s depraved and carnal desires. Human lives were often sacrificed to appease her pagan deities.

            Against this abomination God raised up the prophet Elijah who challenged Ahab and destroyed the prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel. (1 Kings 18:40). As a counter move, Satan raised up his messenger to silence God’s prophetic voice. It came through Ahab’s wife -- Queen Jezebel. 

            We are living in an age of apostasy. Our society has turned its back on God. Sin has infected the Body of Christ and its leaders. However, in the midst if incredible decadence and depravity of our day, God is raising up a prophetic generation that will carry the spirit of Elijah. They will be anointed to perform miraculous signs and wonders and to accomplish great exploits for the Kingdom of God.

            Just as he has done from the beginning, Satan is raising up a fierce opposition to this prophetic generation. The enemy has always sought to silence God’s prophetic voices and abort intercessory prayer. Its name is Jezebel - A diabolical spiritual force that seeks to deceive, defile, and destroy God’s authorities.

            While the name Jezebel Spirit is used in many Charismatic circles, few people truly understand how this demonic force operates. A Jezebel spirit is a celestial power that has worldwide influence. It is not simply a demon that possesses an individual. It is a demonic power in the heavenly realm that transcends specific geographical boundaries and can affect nations. What ever region this power enters, it joins and collaborates with the ruling principality of that territory.


            Jezebelic powers operate in conjunction with principalities and powers that torment people (Ephesians 6:12). These demonic powers include spirits of religion, manipulation, control, lust, perversion, and the occult. These spirits often work in concert with a Jezebel spirit to build strongholds in a person’s mind.


            When a Jezebelic spirit is established in a persons mind, the author defines this as “coming under the influence of a Jezebel spirit.” At the moment this occurs this person’s judgment, and reasoning processes begin to deteriorate. His or her thoughts and actions become distorted.


            Anyone who has a computer has heard of viruses, you might say that the computer of that persons mind has become infected with a virus that causes them to act in a non-logical manner. It corrupts, re-routs, and distorts all the information received from that point forward. Like computer viruses, a Jezebelic stronghold is programmed to manifest when certain key-strokes-or-situations arise. The virus also influences the activity of others in the afflicted individual’s network. Jezebel spirits, like a virus, is designed to shutdown the network and kill the host.


An anti virus program is made to alert the computer to the fact that a virus is operating on the system contrary to the laws of the computer program for which it was designed. The anti virus program then tells the computer how to recognize the virus and discard it. To operate effectively, a computer may need to be reprogrammed with new data - depending on the degree of damage done by the virus.


            This example dramatically parallels what happens in the Kingdom

When an alien force –a Jezebel spirit –is downloaded into the church. Its goal is to disable and destroying individuals, Ministries, and the church. This will be the result unless God’s ready – a divine antivirus – is applied. If pastors are unable to prevent or detect this spirits operation, their spouses, children, and church members may fall prey to this overwhelming spirit.


From time to time, all of us are vulnerable to being influenced by this controlling and manipulating power. All of us try to control others to some extent, opening your soul to operating in a Jezebel spirit is a process that occurs over time, there is no clear-cut indicator when someone has crossed the line. The longer someone operates in a controlling and manipulating way without repenting from it the stronger this spirit will growth. Eventually it will become a way of life for those overcome by this spirit. The primary method for relating to others and gaining control will now operate through the spirit.


            Although biblical illustrations of Jezebel are female oriented, this spirit does not simply infected women alone. Men have operated in this spirit as well. When this occurs, they are left weakened and emasculated by this demonic presence. However, it is difficult for men to operate in this spirit for very long because it needs an Ahab spirit to keep it alive. Instead, the Jezebel spirit commonly operates through women who use the allure and seduction of this spirit to accomplish their objectives.


            These Bible studies are meant to facilitate the healing and unification of the Body of Christ. Therefore, I must caution anyone reading them and applying the term “Jezebel spirit.” As Christians, we do not want to hurt people unnecessarily maligning and falsely accusing them. We can actually take on the characteristics of Jezebel – a murderous spirit – when we hunt people down and falsely accuse them. Above all, we must remember that most of those influenced by this spirit are hurting and wounded individuals. The power of the Holy Spirit is available to heal all who are affected by this demonic spirit.


            The Lord Jesus longs to set us free from what has ensnared us. All of us must look at our own self natures, as well as that of others, with compassion and hope. Ministry to people and churches who are oppressed by this spirit is desperately needed. It is time for pastors to be filled with courageous and God-given grace.


This is the end of Lesson one – The main purpose and goal of this lesson was to describe what the Jezebel spirit is and how it has wormed its way in. This lesson in no way covers all that there is to this spirit and it is my hope that you will join us again next week for Lesson two. Unholy Alliances, What are they and how to know when one exists.